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The Carony is a system that transforms the car seat into a wheelchair and allows for a vehicle transfer that eliminates any manual handling of the occupant.  The Carony base docks into the swivel seat in the vehicle, either the Turny or Turnout variants, and the entire seat easily slides from the car onto the wheelchair base.

The Carony classic comes in two variants being the 12”and 24” wheelchairs.  The 12” Carony is a carer assisted wheelchair and the 24” has the option of both carer assist and self-propulsion by the occupant in the wheelchair.

There are 3 seating options for the wheelchair to suit the occupant’s needs, the Bev seat, Compact seat or Recaro seat.

This system is the alternative to modifying the vehicle for wheelchair access where the wheelchair occupant does not need a specialised wheelchair.

The key features of the Carony Classic include:

Occupant remains in the seat when transferring in and out of the vehicle
Can be used as a normal comfort wheelchair
Left or Right side applications
Suitable for both children and adults
Wheelchair base can be adjusted in height manually
Comes in 12” and 24” wheel variations
24” wheels are quick-release
Option of footrests to suit the occupants needs
Fire resistant seats
Crash tested and approved to ISO 7176 and ISO 10542 and CE marked