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About Us

AMIND Pty. Ltd is one of the largest wheelchair conversion companies in Australia since 1999 . Based in Brisbane, Queensland, we have always taken pride in doing in-depth research and staying up to date with the strides made in the world of automotive engineering.

Established in 1999, AMIND Pty. Ltd is one of the largest wheelchair conversion companies in Australia. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, we have always taken pride in doing in-depth research and staying up to date with the strides made in the world of automotive engineering. This is done in an attempt to develop into and remain an elite organization for vehicle modifications relating to wheelchair accessibility throughout Australia.

Our intricate knowledge and experience in the design and construction of hoists, ramps and lowered floors on various vehicles, has always kept us ahead of the competition, while simultaneously allowing us to stay innovative. In addition, quality is of utmost importance to our company and the products speak volumes in that regard. With this in mind, we work alongside professionals who are able to produce products that meet the demand of the Australian market. With a growing network of franchises, we are steadily expanding our reach to gain more traction while providing several locations for product and service distribution.

For the last decade, AMIND has strived to ensure that all our vehicle conversions are attractive, affordable, practical and most importantly, safe. Safety is a major concern for us, so we have gone above and beyond in ensuring each of our modified vehicles undergo testing and certification by accomplished engineers. Additionally, we also ensure that we stay in compliance with all applicable ADRs and traffic criteria. We are all about making life easier while giving you the option to do more of the things you love to do. AMIND is the future of accessible vehicles – so take the first step and join us onboard.

Our Value

As one of Australia’s most popular conversion company solution we are transforming a wide range of vehicles into being wheel chair accessible.  We embrace the right to independence and inclusion for all as our core values.

With an expanding franchise network throughout the country and a global group of suppliers we strive to spread this ethos into the community and encourage and empower our clients to be mobile.

Our enterprise is trusted by thousands of people throughout the country because of our focus on putting a safe & satisfied customer at the forefront of what we do.  We ensure that our products are not only installed swiftly but at a great price people can support.

Our products are built using high-quality durable parts that are reliable and durable over the long term.  We test everything rigorously because we value safety, reliability and credibility.

AMIND are experts in vehicle conversion, we have been doing this for over 17 years! We take your feedback and suggestions with the utmost importance and recognize the value in engaging with our clients to better understand their needs.

Lowest Price ,

High Quality .

That is AMIND 

AMIND has literally hundreds of products available for our customers. These items are not exclusive to aged care and disability but are accessible for the entire market. 

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will support a better life for
hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers. The NDIS will mean peace of mind for every Australian – for anyone who has, or might acquire, a disability.

If you are a person with disability and you meet the access requirements you can become a participant in the scheme. If you do not meet the access requirements, and you live in a launch site, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) may be able to provide you with information about other supports that could be of benefit to you.



The Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme (VOSS) offers subsidies to assist people with a disability
to buy and modify private vehicles. The scheme provides financial assistance towards:

– purchase of a private vehicle (already modified or suitable to be modified)
– private vehicle modifications or accessories
– driver training
– detailed assessment and prescription by a registered VOSS prescriber

You can choose to apply either as a driver or as a passenger in a car driven by a family member or carer.


To access assistance under VOSS, you must:

– be a Queensland resident
– be under 65 years of age
– have a permanent disability with a reduced capacity for communication, social interaction, learning, mobility or self-care/management.

You are not eligible if you are entitled to assistance from other government-funded programs, or compensation related to your disability.