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The MOVIA ramp is a means of transport that facilitates access to the vehicle for the disabled and can also be used for loading / unloading other means and equipment such as catering trolleys, hospitals, audio / light service , Automatic dispensers, thanks to the wide range of available measurements.






The MOVIA ramps are entirely made of non-welded aluminum sheet metal. Our production system enables the production of lightweight devices with minimal footprint.

The distinctive and exclusive element of the MOVIA ramps is punching the contact surface.
Have you noticed that the shell of a walnut, despite having a limited thickness, is so resistant? 
The punched contact surface applies the same principle as the nut shell, creating a very light structure, extremely hard and durable. In addition, the deformation of the rim of the slot created on the sheet by punching creates an exceptional grip on water, snow, mud, etc.

The MOVIA ramp is equipped with two gas stoppers and two comfortable handles to facilitate the opening and closing of the ramp. On request, it is possible to activate the light bulbs indicating the footprint, which are useful in the evening or at night.

The MOVIA ramp is fixed to the vehicle floor by means of a plate with four hinges that make it removable.






Ramp Movia Measures


Code Article dimensions Weight kg) Range (Kg)
100008 Movia 140R2 760 950 750 1050 210 1400 23 350
100001 Movia 180R2 760 950 950 1050 210 1800 27 350
100002 Movia 200R2 760 950 1060 1050 210 2000 30 350
100003 Movia 220R2 760 950 1160 1050 210 2200 32 350
100005 Movia 240R2 760 950 1260 1050 210 2400 34 350
100004 Movia 260R2 760 950 1360 1050 210 2600 36 350
For other measures other than those listed above, please contact us.