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Designed to transport powerchairs on the outside of a vehicle, theĀ Out-Sider allows you to keep all of your interior vehicle space. Drive a power chair on the platform, press a button and the powerchair is automatically secured as the lift is raised. A sleek, adjustable platform version is available specifically for mid-wheel drive powerchairs.



  • Optional compact platform for mid-wheel drive powerchairs
  • Fully-powered, single-button operation
  • Automatic folding platform when not in use
  • Easy drive on/drive off platform with traction coating
  • Automatic mobility device securement with Hold-Tite arm
  • Low profile design for rear view mirror visibility
  • Integrated safety latch to prevent unintentional lift-lowering
  • Lighted license plate holder
  • Manual emergency back-up
  • No scooter or powerchair modifications
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle
  • Eligible for auto manufacturer potential rebates

    Lifting capacity 350 lb/159kg
    Vehicle compatibility Go to MobilityMatcher
    Platform Width 28 in/71cm (W)
    Mobility device securement Hold-Tite arm
    Hitch class II or III (receiver hitch required)
    Weight installed w/o Swing-Away 110lb/50kg
    Weight installed w/Swing-Away f147 lbs/65kg
    Warranty 3-year limited warranty